ZIP/RAR File Recovery – How to Recover Deleted ZIP/RAR Files?

Can’t find your zip files? Did this just happen to you?

How many of you guys ever lost important zip or rar files but have no methods to recover deleted zip/rar files? And how many of you guys know any reasons that may cause zip or rar files lost problems? You may find answers by checking the follow reasons:

Your computer crashed and you lost ZIP files and RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZH and CAB files.
You deleted a ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZH and CAB file that you need to recover.
You lost a ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZH and CAB file due to a virus infection or other system failure
Recovering deleted ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZH and CAB files requires data recovery software to recover deleted files.

Here you’re highly recommended to try UFUSoft File Recovery. It can help you simply restore deleted zip or rar files.

Why choose UFUSoft File Recovery to help you with Zip/RAR recovery?

UFUSoft File Recovery can easily recover previously deleted or lost ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZH and CAB files from hard drives, camera cards, USB’s, Zip disks, floppy disks or other removable drives and disks. What exact this software can do? Here you may find more information about what can UFUSoft File Recovery do:

* Emptied from the Windows Recycle bin;
* Deleted and bypassed the Recycle bin;
* Recover shift deleted files;
* Zip files lost as a results of a hard drive format or a disk error;
* Deleted Zip files lost as a result of virus or Trojan infection;
* Supports all versions of FAT and NTFS and regenerates files even from lost, deleted partitions and from reformatted disks in Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10;
* Autosave allows continuing recovery, terminated at any stage.

Download Zip/RAR File Recovery for Mac:

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Download Zip/RAR File Recovery for Windows:

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However you’ve lost your important zip or rar files, you can follow next steps and let this software help you perform fabulous zip/rar recovery now.

To recover delete or lost ZIP, RAR, follow these steps:

1. First specify the file type of your lost files, like Zip or RAR files.

Windows 10 recovery software

2. Then choose the hard disk where your files lost and let our program scan.

3. After this scanning is finished, you’ll see the lost file like ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZH and CAB files.

recover data from Windows phone

If the ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZH and CAB files are stored in the volume which you formatted, deleted or damaged, UFUSoft data recovery software can also get them all back.